Azimuth is bridging the arts, science, engineering, and cryptocurrency communities via Kosmosis

Azimuth Voyage
5 min readDec 19, 2020

Join AZIMUTH on our maiden voyage as we explore art, music, new economics, spaceflight, planetary health, and the metaverse in the KOSMOSIS space opera. The virtual event starts on Sunday December 20th at 12:30 (GMT+1) and ends on the 21st at 11:00 (GMT+1). The nearly 24 hour virtual event will feature speakers, panelists, performances, and a digital art gallery. Refer to the full schedule here.

KOSMOSIS is an odyssey through the space-time continuum, awakening consciousness and understanding of what it means to be human in the context of the universe. Attendees will be able to enjoy a fully-immersive event and engage with experts in ecological living, aerospace, cryptocurrency, legal innovation, inner space, and rational thinking.

Speakers and panelists include Courtney Alexander, Suzana Bianco, Anja Blaj, Chris Dews, Rick Dudley, Robin Hanson, Abu Qadim Haqq, Kara Joslyn, Maly Ly, Sylvia Makario, Tom Mansfield, Andy Milenius, Maria Mishurenko, Tieho Mochebelele, Giulio Prisco, Sebnem Rusitschka, and the Zentai Collective.

KOSMOSIS takes place in the virtual world that is named “Astrus”. Access instructions will be provided soon.

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

One of the goals of Azimuth is to bring together communities who may not always attend the same types of events, so that they can learn from one another.

Through both discourse and art, we hope to encourage more people to partake in an inquisitive journey in contemplating both the nature of our existence in this universe and our relationship with the acceleration of technology.

Ultimately, we want both human and non-human communities alike in this universe to gain the knowledge, skills and self-awareness so we can collectively discover how to create real physical realities — not just virtual ones — that are more harmonious than the more mechanical society that we live in today. We will dive deep into questions such as:

  • Should humans explore or expand to outer space?
  • If the Galactic Federation does indeed exist, and world governments provided a full disclosure, how would the world change?
  • What kind of action can be taken to create ecological and intentional communities on Earth?
  • Will non-central bank cryptocurrencies gain mass adoption as a medium of exchange?
  • What is the Metaverse and how might it be used for the betterment of humanity? How might it be used to the detriment of humanity?
  • If you love Dune, does it mean you also love traditional religion?

Debuting the “Hella Feelin It” multimedia art show

AZIMUTH in collaboration with partners Astrus, present the launch of a digital gallery and multimedia art show, “Hella Feelin It” by Los Angeles visual artist Nuspeed. In this self-reflective retrospective, a decade of work uncovering various transliminal creations illustrating how the self can be the ultimate portal for knowledge and deception shall be presented. The “Hella Feelin It” digital art gallery will open Saturday evening (GMT+1) and will be free to attend via RSVP.

Hybrid ticketing to bridge the gap

Azimuth is an environment that welcomes participants without any cryptocurrency technical knowledge, as we have opted for using a simple email-based authentication flow in our MVP.

Azimuth will take place in the Astrus virtual world. Participants will enter an art gallery, which is free to attend. Yet to access the stage area where speakers and performances will be broadcasting, a ticket will be required.

Since we have a social mission and want people who aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency to be able to participate in Azimuth events, we are using both PayPal (at this moment in time) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs / cryptocurrency) for selling tickets.

To buy tickets check out

Crypto-based Tickets

There are collectible cryptocurrency-based tickets which will provide access to the event. There are 2 ticket classes for this first event.

With a Curator ticket, in addition to being able to attend the first Azimuth event, you’ll be granted the ability to curate and propose questions and participants for the panel’s of Azimuth’s second event, aiding in creating a repository of knowledge, insights and collective intelligence that will benefit our communities. Curators can also vote to allow the Patrons to curate as well.

The graphic for the inaugural Curator ticket was made by Detroit visual artist Abu Qadim Haqq, who has been serving the techno music community through Techno Visual Art since 1989. Haqq’s artwork is featured worldwide on classic records by Detroit Techno record labels, namely the records of Juan Atkins, Metroplex, Derrick May, Transmat, Underground Resistance, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig.

The graphic for the Patron ticket was made by Los Angeles based artist Nuspeed who is presenting her debut digital collection at Azimuth.

Note that we have scholarship memberships available to those who would like to assist in curation yet are economically disadvantaged.

HAL 9000 interviews Abu Qadim Haqq

If you purchased a ticket, you will receive access instructions via email or by following us on Twitter for the opening announcement.

Intellectual electro, black metal opera, garbage, and cryborgs

Among the artists performing at the event is the inimitable electro duo Dopplereffekt, one of the most mysterious, thrilling and consistently challenging acts in electronic music. This will be Dopplereffekt’s first virtual performance since May 2020.

The primal Attila Csihar, a Hungarian extreme metal vocalist best known for his vocal work in Norwegian black metal band Mayhem and American drone-doom project Sunn O))) will also be performing in his first virtual event, providing a one-of-a-kind performance taking us to the depths of Saturn.

Cryborg is a humanoid AI from the future civilization of Robotswana, created to replicate human emotion. A short circuit from shedding tears grants access to the realm of human emotions and compels her to express her new feelings and deep yearning to connect with God through sound.

Erin Olivia Weber’s life is now a commitment and journey to self awareness and transformation with the grander conscious collective. Her performance will remind us about our Earthly garbage problems.

Eric Parren, a multi-interdisciplinary artist operating out of Shanghai will be performing a unique opening ceremony.

Anzano will be culminating into an aggressive, occasionally blissful, often ugly form of motor-driven psychedelic disco.

DJs Solar, Mozhgan, Sepehr and Jenny Sayaka Nono will be taking us through distinct sonic journeys and either closing out the night or starting the day, depending upon where in the world you are.

Join us

The first edition of Azimuth is produced by Space Cooperative Inc., in collaboration with Astrus, Eventivize and many individuals around the globe. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit our website at or contact azimuthvoyage [at] if you are interested in collaborating.



Azimuth Voyage

A voyage through the space-time-continuum, expanding our understanding of humanity and the universe.