Azimuth Access Instructions

Please arrive to Azimuth at least 30 minutes before the act you are most interested in starting your day with, as Azimuth is in a virtual environment and some orientation is required.

  1. (skip this step if you were on guest list or purchased via PayPal) If you purchased a ticket via cryptocurrency, first you need to go here and connect the NFT to an email address.
  2. Access Azimuth by going to Click on the squares to move around. Enjoy the art by Nuspeed.
  3. Once you are ready to access the stage, search for the pink Merkaba. Watch this video here if you are not sure what that is:

4. You will need to authenticate with your email to be able to access the stage. After you input your email address, you should receive an email with a link to click. Click that link in the email (make sure you open the email from the same browser you are accessing Azimuth with), then return to tab with Azimuth. Refresh the tab and you should be authenticated.

5. The “Azimuth Drop App” allows you to support your favorite speakers and artists and know when they are performing. You can send your ◊ Drops to individuals on the program to show your appreciation and they will be proportionally rewarded based on how many Drops they receive. It’s a chance to raise your voice and reward those who stand out to you. The “Azimuth Drop App” was designed to be used on a mobile device. To claim your ◊ Drops, scan the QR code using the camera app on your mobile device.

Troubleshooting tips

5. If you arrive and see that the screen is stuck or black, Hit the escape key to free your cursor then click play or click on the screen region.

A voyage through the space-time-continuum, expanding our understanding of humanity and the universe.

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